Kathy Shields

Kathy Shields

Kathy ShieldsKathy Shields has been on the board of The Alliance for the Physically Disabled since 2001. Currently, she is serving her second term as Vice President of the APD.

She is a regular visitor to Merica House where her two daughters, Maureen and Deirdre are residents. Both daughters enjoy living together and are delighted to “be on their own.”

When asked about what she likes most about helping at Merica House, Kathy said, “I have enjoyed meeting the many wonderful people that support and encourage the residents to live independently. Watching and interacting in the daily events that occur at Merica House has made me appreciate the countless hours the many volunteers and staff have dedicated to enable Merica House to exist.”

She has been married to Art for 39 years and they have two other children. Jennifer and her husband, Mark, live in Atlanta and with their 2 sons, Ellis and Major. Andrew is a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army and linguist. He is completing his second tour of duty in Iraq and hopes to be home by March 2009.

Kathy, an RN, is taking some time off from nursing and currently works part time in a local boutique shop, a definite change of pace from nursing. Previously she was a board member for the United Methodist Church Respite Day Program, a program Maureen attended while living at home in Williamsburg. They live in Ford’s Colony in Williamsburg, VA where they have met many wonderful people and enjoy socializing with them in the various activities offered in the community. Her hobbies include tennis and golf and she is active both in the golf and community associations.

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