To help protect us against the spread of the corona virus, visiting restrictions are in place at Merica House. We will continue to keep in touch with friends and family by phone, email and Facetime.

We hope everyone stays well.

Cathy, Deirdre, Joe, Matthew and Maureen

On Saturday, May 1, 2021, the date of the running of the Kentucky Derby, Jennifer and her husband, Mark Mercer, held a fund-raising party at their home in Reynolds Lake Oconee, Georgia — roughly 85 miles east of Atlanta — to benefit Merica House and its residents.  This was the third fund-raiser that Jennifer and Mark have held for Merica House.  There were approximately 80 guests at the party, all friends of the Mercers.  Many of the guests came wearing attire and festive hats that are popular at the Churchill Downs racetrack on Derby day.  Jennifer and Mark prepared food and refreshments for the party.  There was musical entertainment by Tim Cadiere and the Washboard Road Band, which bill themselves as “the best musicians south of the Mason-Dixon Line.”  Jennifer and Mark and their guests donated more than $7,200 for Merica House.


Merica House is home to 3 women and 2 men with a variety of severe physical disabilities. The Alliance for the Physically Disabled (APD) has helped to make possible the dream of Harry Merica for a home that would allow independent living for severely physically disabled adults. Too often the only option is living out life in a nursing home or other institution. By living together these adults can share the cost of rent, aides, and staff. Many people volunteer time, skills, and resources to truly make Merica House home for these special people.

Meet Our Residents  (video)

The APD is a non-profit organization committed to creating accessible and affordable housing opportunities with full time personal assistant services for adults with physical disabilities. We are a 501 ( c ) (3) organization. All donations of cash or donations in kind are tax deductible.