Cathy Gets New Furniture

Cathy Gets New Furniture

It all started when I began shopping for antiques on Facebook’s section called Marketplace. I don’t normally “do” Facebook but, much to my husband’s disappointment, I “do” online shopping as a hobby. And Marketplace is a treasure trove.

Well, one day Cathy saw me shopping during my lunch hour. I was looking at hutches & she said she wished she had a desk hutch in her room but, she said, what she really wanted was a bedroom set where all the pieces matched. Well, that was a challenge to a shopper like myself.

After looking for a week or 2, I came across a beautiful matching set of white furniture. I messaged the seller to find out if it was available. It was. I asked Cathy if she could go halves on the cost with her Mom & she thought she could, so she asked her Mom. Mom, generously agreed to pay 3/4 ths of the cost.

I contacted the seller again & she gave me her husband’s number. I put it in Mike’s hands to arrange where & when. They decided on the 4th weekend in February. We would have to pick it up in Walkersville, Maryland, close to Baltimore. We made it a family outing, packing up our 2 dogs in the backseat of the truck. The drive wasn’t too bad. We stopped at Merica House first to drop off a “new” office desk chair for me. Mine had dropped to the lowest setting the Friday before & wouldn’t raise back up. The “new” chair was my first actual Facebook Marketplace purchase.

After we dropped off my chair, we went to Maryland. The husband was very nice. He and a friend of his helped Mike load the furniture onto our truck & Mike tied it down like a pro while I took the dogs out of the truck for some exercise.

At Merica House our only male aide, Eligi, brought the dolly to us. Eligi was extremely helpful & fast in getting the furniture into Cathy’s room. We left a mess as the female aides began emptying Cathy’s items from her old furniture to her new furniture. Cathy was very excited & anxious to redecorate her room.

In addition to her furniture, Cathy got to hold our Sadie-Lu puppy for a few minutes. They were sweet together.

Cathy, Mike Burkhart & Eligi

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