Art Shields

Art Shields

Art Shields

“In 1963,” Art says, “I was a ski bum that joined the Marine Corps and it was all down hill from there.”

Art has been very successful in his life. He’s been married for 35 years and has three daughters and a son. After working for IBM for 32 years, Art retired, only to do contract work for them for another five years. He also owns the local EcoQuest International franchise.

At Merica House, Art wears many hats. He helps coordinate construction projects. And yearly he analyzes and fills out mountains of forms required by the Virginia Agriculture Department to maintain the non-profit status for the Alliance for the Physically Disabled and Merica House. His other big job is ensuring proper paper work for the United Way for necessary funding.

When asked what he hates to do, Art quips, “Fill out forms!”

But when asked what he most likes about working with the APD and Merica House, he answered, “My work effort is actually helping to secure the future of APD/Merica House.” The hard work he does is worth so much!

When Art has free time, he enjoys golf, photography and skiing.

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