News From Maureen

News From Maureen

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Spring 2014
Maureen moved to Merica House on March 6, 2007. As to what she likes best about Merica House, she says “It’s like a family.” She Maureen-2014slikes being with Dee, her sister.

Maureen’s favorite activities are going out to eat, shopping, reading books on tape, and “hanging out” with Dee and the other residents. She also participates in church choir. She likes to go to church and she goes to SPARC twice a week.

Maureen’s favorite foods are pizza, chicken patties, rice, and chocolate cake. Her favorite shows are Gilligan’s Island, I Love Lucy, King of Queens, Golden Girls, and The Brady Bunch.

Fall 2011
This summer I once again went to camp in Connecticut for 12 days. The camp is located in the small town of Hebron, CT. Some of the counselors return each year for another fun-filled summer, while some are new to camp.

Many of the counselors come over here from England, Australia, Germany and other countries. For some it was their first time working in the United States. The counselors are hired through an organization called Camp America. That is how the new counselors find out about the camp, and the old counselors also still come through Camp America.

At the camp, we have a lot of activities to choose from. We get up bright and early at 7:00 each morning. After breakfast our first activity begins at 10:00 AM. Campers can go swimming from 10 am to noon, or they can do two other activities for an hour each. Other activities include sports, dance, arts & crafts, nature, music & drama, boating, fishing, outdoor living skills, archery, nature walks, and different activities like that.

Next is lunch. Then from 1:00pm to 2:45pm we have rest period. From 3-5pm, some people go swimming and others have two more activities.

Every evening, the campers get together and do one big group activity. For the first night’s all-group activity, we have a big campfire, sing songs, eat some more, and have a great time.

Basically, from 7am until 10pm, we are very, very busy, having a lot of fun!

Then everyone goes back to their rooms to get ready for bed, and before you know it the next day once again starts at 7AM.  This happens for 12 days straight. By the end of the session, the counselors are tired! They have a total of eight weeks of that. Each session of the camp is a different age group or category of campers with disabilities. Some have MS, autism, etc, and everyone has their own specific session so they are not all clumped together. Adults with physical disabilities are one session, children with physical disabilities are another session, and so on.

I really enjoy going to camp and by the end of the session, I don’t want to leave because I am having too much fun. I look forward to going every year, meeting new people and reuniting with my old friends.

I try to keep in contact with my friends throughout the year, via email, phone or Facebook with the help of volunteers such as Lynne Myhre, who is a really good friend.

An Open Letter to Mom and Dad:

I am the newest resident at Merica House. I moved in on Tuesday, March 6, 2007, after living at home for over 27yrs. I would like to share with you the note I wrote to my parents after I decided to live at Merica House.

Dear Mom and Dad,
The time has come for your little girl to sprout her wings and fly. I want to thank you for all you have done for me over the last twenty- seven years such as having to be home by nine o’clock every night to relieve my caregivers. Dad, thank you for stretching my arms, and taking me to my respite day program, which was one of my special daily activities. Mom, thanks for the many times you were my caregiver when my aides did not show up, assisting with me with my showers and always rearranging your schedule to get me ready for the day. You always prepared meals that I enjoyed and took the time to prepare food for our parties at the respite day center. These are just a few of the many ways you have helped me everyday. Thank you both for all we have shared on a daily basis. I will miss you but it is time for me to know what it is like to be independent. What I need right now in my life is to spread my wings and fly.

Much Love,

Maureen is now Deirdre’s roommate. Both sisters once again enjoy living together and are delighted to “be on their own.”