Deirdre Shields

Deirdre Shields

Deirdre 2013I am Deirdre Shields and have lived at MH since 2001. I am 36 years old  years old and a graduate of Perkins School for the Blind in Waterstown, Mass. It was there where I learned the skills of independent living and it is here that I use them in my daily life.

I have been diagnosed with an unknown probable white matter disease of the brain. I had what seemed to be normal infant skills up to about 7 months of age and then neurological symptoms developed and over the past years it has left me blind and a quadriplegic.

I moved to Williamsburg, VA three years ago with my parents and one sister and it was there that I met Millie Becker, one of the founders of Merica House. Through her encouragement and help, I applied for residence and have since enjoyed living with the other clients and maintaining my independence.

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