News from Deirdre

News from Deirdre

Winter 2018








Spring 2014
Dee likes going to SPARC and the National’s baseball games. When she’s at home at Merica House, she enjoys sitting with Matt, Sharita, Cathy, and Roxane in the family room, watching tennis and game shows like The Price is Right. She also likes listening to music on 91.9 WGTS.

Dee’s favorite foods ar

Dee Shields sang at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church. March, 2014
Dee Shields sang at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church.
March, 2014

e pizza, spaghetti, and cake. Her favorite teams are all the Washington sports teams.
Dee had a birthday party at Merica on March 15. She enjoyed her party, especially opening gifts and having friends and family with her. When asked what she likes best about living at Merica House, Dee said she likes living here….”it feels like home with all my friends.”

Fall 2011
On Sunday, Sept 11, 2011, Maureen and I, our brother, Andrew, and his girlfriend Astrid went to a major league baseball game to see the Nationals play the Astros. Before the game, Maureen and I met the broadcasters who announce the games on MASN (TV station). Their names were Bob Carpenter and F.P. Santangelo. We had a great time at the game, except we forgot to get a picture with the broadcasters, so we’re going to do that next year. Good news, the Nationals WON!

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