2019 Fundraising Goal

2019 Fundraising Goal

Will you help our beautiful place?

If you had a chance to watch any of the miracle story of the postseason Washington Nationals you most probably saw the night that they won the National League pennant over the St. Louis Cardinals. Dave Martinez, the Manager of the now 2019 World Series Champions – who exactly one month before taking the pennant and securing a spot in the Fall Classic, was rushed out of Nationals Park in an ambulance with heart trouble – stood in front of a crowd overcome with emotion. I can’t put this moment in words,” he said, but then went on with this adage: “I can say this: often bumpy roads lead to beautiful places. And this is a beautiful place.”

Well, isn’t that the truth. And it’s what struck me today, at Merica House, as we pull together our end of the year preparations because THIS. IS. A. BEAUTIFUL. PLACE.

Merica House is a home that provides affordable safe housing for low income individuals, with severe physical disabilities in an independent atmosphere. But what makes it a home are my friends who live there: Cathy, Deirdre, Joe, Matt and Maureen. Spunky, opinionated, bright and talented, sharp as all get-up, funny and faithful, each one of them different and yet they’ve found in each other a loving, close-knit family. Our friends who call Merica House home don’t let their physical disabilities hinder them but that doesn’t mean they don’t need help!

$50,000 – that’s our goal before December 31, 2019.  Sadly, we are far from reaching this goal, so we need your help!

Help the Merica House family continue to make this house a beautiful home. A home where Cathy, Deirdre, Joe, Matt and Maureen will know that if something goes wrong there’s someone always to help. There will be food in the pantry and heat blowing on cold nights. There will be Metro access to bring them to church and a friend waiting for them when they get back. The electricity stays on to charge a wheelchair battery and Amazon’s Alexa is at the ready to pick up where she left off reading the latest audio book. And, without fail, there will always be a friend waiting to commiserate about the last chapter and plan the next.

You must have plenty of worthy folks and organizations reaching out sharing the stories of their own bumpy roads and beautiful places. I ask you, in your kindness, remember Cathy, Deirdre, Joe, Matt and Maureen as your thinking about your end-of-the-year giving.

Please consider hitting that GoFundMe button and making our $50,000 goal become a reality.

The doors to our beautiful place are open for all our friends – old and new – to visit. You are always welcome!