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“In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb”

Is there any truth to this saying?  Yes… sometimes.  With March being such a changeable month, in which we can see warm spring-like temperatures or late-season snowstorms, you can understand how this saying might hold true in some instances.  At the root of this saying is the idea that there should be a balance in weather and life.  So, if a month came in bad (roaring like a lion), it should go out good and calm (docile, like a lamb).  Let’s see how March plays out this year.

This photo was taken at the Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute.  As I set up to photograph this magnificent lion, it did not give me so much as a glance, since it was sunning itself in the afternoon light.  Then, as I was preparing to focus through the viewfinder, I captured its eyes transfixed on me.  Its tail flicked back and forth softly as its muscles rolled easily beneath its tawny hide, confident that I was destined for a singular fate, were it not for the barrier that separated us.  I was lost in the moment.

While I’m not a fan of animals in captivity, the Smithsonian does great work in preserving endangered species in the wild.  It is my hope is that, in sharing the beauty of this lion, it will encourage people to support their protection in the wild.

Contributor, Mark Wolsky, Landscape and Wildlife Photographer